Karts-For-Sale Redesign

We've relaunched Karts-For-Sale with many new features and many more to come!

New Features:-

* Premium Membership - extra options and features for our Premium Members for just £14.99/month
* Trade Membership - special advertising rates, schemes and more for our trade members
* Subscriptions - you can now subscribe to any category, any advert, any news item and more. With updates directly to your inbox
* Value for money voting - a new feature on all classified adverts, rate the advert for value for money and then view which are the best value adverts on the site rated by our users!
* More contact form options to protect users - we have integrated options for both registered and non-registered contact, further ensuring your privacy is maintained at every level
* Extensive Google Maps integration - you can now pick where to place your advert and interact with even more mappery!

Coming soon will be forums, reviews, trade directory and more! Ensuring we have every item of information at your fingertips.